Anonymous Proxy Server

One of the proxy server advantages is its ability to improve the user’s anonymity on the net. From the technical standpoint, an anonymous proxy server is a proxy modifying IP addresses to hide the real client’s address from the web server. Let’s consider it in more details.

As soon as the request reaches the web-resource, the service data is sent (IP address, OS version, name, browser version). When this data gets through the proxy server, the proxy can substitute IP and add proxy attributes (data showing the web-site that a certain client uses a proxy). Proxy server’s ability to modify IP is classified by its anonymity: - transparent proxy server (no IP substitution, attributes are not hidden) is mainly used to accelerate the net access; - ordinary anonymous proxy server (client’s IP is substituted with proxy IP, attributes are not hidden); - modifying anonymous proxy server (client’s IP is substituted with the unspecified address, attributes are not hidden); - enhanced anonymous proxy server (client’s IP is substituted with the proxy IP, but attributes are hidden, it makes the web-site think it’s visited by an ordinary client without a proxy).

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